Writing Credits

Novels & Novellas

Walls of Ash (2012)

The Widows Blessing (2015)

The Masque and the Mausoleum (Coming Soon)

Short Stories & Poetry

Honey, Dinner Is Served (2014) (A trio of short horror stories by Amber Newberry)

Dead Horse Beach, Shadows in Salem (2016, FunDead Publications)

A Perilous Gift, O Horrid Night (2016 FunDead Publications)

Threshold and Dearly Departed, Entombed in Verse (2017 FunDead Publications)

The Haunting of Lafayette Street, One Night in Salem (2017 FunDead Publications)

Sustenance, FunDead Publications Exclusive Short, October, 2017

The Evergreen, A FunDead Publications story collaboration with special edition Witch City Wicks candle for Christmas, 2017

Blog Posts

5 Shows To Binge-Watch for Halloween (2014- BloodyDisgusting.com)

AYAOTD- The Most Unforgettable Episodes (2015- BloodyDisgusting.com)

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