Interview: Amelia from Death Follows

A friend of mine is making some wonderful things and she was interviewed about what she’s doing by Vargamore! Check it out!

Salem-based artist Amelia creates hand-painted, memento mori inspired wall plaques. Just a couple of months ago she started her Etsy shop “Death Follows”. I got the chance to ask her some questions about her art and the role death plays in her life.

Processed with VSCOYou make memento mori inspired wall plaques. When and how did you come up with the idea for this?
I have always been captivated by cemeteries; by beautifully carved headstones, by beautifully landscaped garden style cemeteries, and by the fact that there were places reserved for visiting the dead. A few years ago I had the idea to make gravestone inspired art that I could hang on my wall, since there wasn’t much available to purchase at the time. I would often doodle little designs on post-it notes at my last job, of different themes and arrangements. Finally, last year I just went for it. I started…

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14516584_1195058810551440_4792100642472757029_nWe are excited to announce that we will be sharing exclusive, Patron-Only short stories on Patreon!  If you enjoy our publications, you will have access to special short fiction written by the FunDead team and our a closest pals in the writing community.  We have selected the piece ‘A Hand for the Needy’ by FunDead Editor Amber Newberry, to be the first of this series of “Secret Stories”, which will be posted on Patreon this week.

We’ve talked a lot about how important your support is to the continuation of the FunDead Publications project, and we’d like to thank our patrons by providing them with a little something extra.  You can check out our Patreon page at the link below, and find out what your support will help FunDead do in the coming months and years.  One dollar will get you access to these forthcoming Secret Stories. Sign up…

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The Masque and the Mausoleum Book Blurb

f48c28124c57d02fb1b9460586859f15This follow-up novel to Walls of Ash has been a long time coming, but do not despair, after major rewrites to the core story, I am now back on track with the writing process and hope to finish The Masque and the The Mausoleum in 2017.  In the interest of coming back to the project, I wrote a shiny new book blurb to put myself right in the story.The Widow's Blessing

The Masque and the Mausoleum picks up about ten years after the end of Walls of Ash, and follows the story of Tamsin’s daughter Annalice as she spends her childhood in India and then returns to England as a young woman.  The Widow’s Blessing (available as a novella on Amazon) is the sequel to Walls of Ash, told through the eyes of a young Annalice.  This prologue will be included as the beginning of The Masque and the Mausoleum, but you can read it now if you’ve been missing Tamsin and Julian!

Here is the brand new blurb for the forthcoming second novel in the Daughters of Rhineholt Series, The Masque and the Mausoleum:

f5237b9e3f2ab761a0bb24e1df434ae6“Annalice Hilbourne has returned to London to take her place at Rhineholt House, finally rebuilt after the fire that changed her mother forever.  Her family welcomes her with great affection, and she is quickly thrust into the excitement of a London Season alongside her flamboyant cousin.  While preparations are made for the Hilbourne Masquerade Ball, Anna soon discovers her father’s grave mistakes will cost her a dowry, as well as her mother’s ancestral home.  Too clever to succumb to her losses, Annalice contrives a plan to keep what is rightfully hers, but her only strategy will force her into the arms of the man she despises.  She begins her walk down an aisle of convenience, knowing the man who could save her family home may have been responsible for the death of his first wife.848b8d288c3f8c47428db3ba95310bda

In a story wrought with high stakes, and grand secrets, we find ourselves back in a forgotten world, where nothing seems to stay where it is placed.  Paintings switch walls, jewels go missing, and the deadly history of Rhineholt House seems to have lived on.  There are mysteries to unfold, but will Annalice solve the puzzle in time?”

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