About Amber


Amber Newberry is the Editor-in-Chief of FunDead Publications, and she writes as often as the muse gives her opportunity. She published her first novel, Walls of Ash, in 2012, and released a follow-up novella called ‘The Widow’s Blessing’. She is currently working on the second novel in the Daughters of Rhineholt Series: The Masque and the Mausoleum.
Amber has published short stories in Shadows in Salem, as well as O Horrid Night. She currently has two young adult novels in the works. Amber lives in Salem, MA, where it’s Halloween all year ’round. She spends most of her extra time writing, planning insane theme parties, and getting tattoos. Amber is married to her very own bard, and together they’ve raised three beautiful fur-babies.



3 thoughts on “About Amber

  1. Salem seems like a great place to be a writer. So much history swirling around you and some excellent people watching to boot. Also, how did you get that nifty copyright thing on your blog?

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