Walls of Ash Trade Paperback Now Available!

The print version of Walls of Ash is now available through Createspace and will be available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com within the week!  The print version is set at $13.99, the eBook is available for $2.99.



‘Walls of Ash’ is Now Available!

I spent all day yesterday uploading and formatting and altering things so that ‘Walls of Ash’ would be available to the public as an eBook.  Well, I am pleased to tell you that you can now own your very own e-copy of ‘Walls of Ash’ from Amazon.com, Scribd.com and Smashwords.com for $2.99.  Details on print copies will be available soon and you can bet I’ll post an update everywhere under the sun when they are!  If you are interested in owning a copy, simply choose the buying method you prefer from the right by clicking on the button to each website.

I want to say ‘thank you’ to so many people, but I feel like it lessens the joy of seeing your name in the acknowledgements if I go blabbing it everywhere else, you know who you are.  Thank you for everything.  And to those who plan to begin reading this work, thank you, too!


Walls of Ash is Officially Finished!

Wow, what an amazing feeling!  Today Laurie and I finished our edits for Walls of Ash and I finalized the formatting for release.  I’m so pleased to be done and can’t wait to hear your feedback on this book!  I’m waiting for Barnes & Noble and Amazon to tell me that the eBook is available and hopefully a print version will be available shortly.  However, if you’re in the mood to cuddle up by the fire and meet Tamsin, you can download a PDF version of Walls of Ash for $2.99 on Scribd.com, simply click on the link below and you’ll be taken to the page.  You can even read this version online in your browser!


I’d also like to take a moment to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has helped and supported me throughout this process!  It’s been a long road and I’m so proud to finally be able to release this book to you.